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Associate Consultant [Content Expert]

Supratik is from the field of Learning and Development. He is a double MBA in Human Resources & Organizational Development. A course designed and run by the Father of HRD in India, Dr. Udai Pareek. 

Supratik has attended training workshops like T-Group, Theatre Workshops and Outbound Trainings under the guidance of facilitators from fields of different genres like ISABS, ETF (Theatre Of Relevance) and Soft Skills in Advertising. He is from a family background of the movie making industry in Bengal [India] and so has an urge for scripting, directing and acting. He feels passionately for training and keeps doing research on human behavior transformation. With his expertise in Organizational Development, he works on designing the contents to make it more relevant to the Organizational needs. He believes if through experiential methodologies work space can be turned into an engaging fun space, people perform at their peaks.

He is proficient and familiar with a vast array of organizational development initiatives and innovative training modules for enhancement of knowledge skills and attitude.

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