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Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.

I prefer to describe myself as a passionate HR professional who believes that people are the biggest assets of the organizations and the success stories of the organizations depend upon how well the employees are treated, nurtured and developed, because during tough times only the employees who build robust support to the organizations.

Earlier stage of my career gave me scope to realize the above fact which drove me to choose the specialization almost automatically during my MBA and I landed up in the job market as an HR professional.

Post MBA experience reinforced my beliefs and transformed those to realization. Having brief experience in different verticals of the industries gave me opportunity to learn different set of skills for various positions which helped me to start off a regional office and entire retail & restaurant business operation from scratch and made it operational.

Each of my professional experience has given me confidence and strength to my career and has shaped me as a professional with a strong attitude and nature.

My goal or ambition is to become an admired HR professional and author of self developmental books, motivational books, set an example to create HR policies for the organizations that will be known for preferred employers and people will crave for working with such organizations.

I had been instrumental in formulating HR structure of two companies in Hotel & Restaurant Industry.

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