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Intrapreneur Coach

“Leaders & Managers: Discover How to Develop You & Your Teams as Successful Modern Intrapreneurs, Improve Team Results by £100k+, Sky-Rocket Your Career & Secure Your Future”

Large Organisations Need Successful Intrapreneurs Now!

Have you heard all the talk about intrapreneurs and innovation recently? With the many changes around the world that are affecting business, there is an increasing demand for leaders and managers to have high levels of commercial acumen and business development skills, while simultaneously leading an engaged, high-performing workforce in the context of ever-increasing change. In essence they often have to do more with less resources while trying to walk on quicksand!

You see when these organisations were first created they were entrepreneurial. However as they grew larger often the original entrepreneur either moved on or was swamped by ‘big business methods’, systems, processes and sheer numbers of people.

Of course that’s not even taking into account the high number of public sector and non-profit organisations that really need that intrapreneurial edge in the face of government cuts in funding…

So there is a LOT of pressure on leaders and managers today to be more commercial, to achieve bigger and better results.

This can end up with leaders and managers working all hours yet not getting the results they really want and feeling stressed because they’re struggling to paddle upstream. This can affect their career prospects, make it harder to get promoted and increase worry about finances and job security. All of this can take a toll on their personal sense of achievement and self-worth, stress levels and even spill over into their personal life, health and relationships.

Are You an intrapreneur?

Most people think intrapreneurship is all about innovation and creating new products and divisions, so they don’t always think of themselves as intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurship is more than innovation – innovation is only one way to add value to an organisation. The leaders and managers who are most successful often have high levels of business acumen and are very clear about how they and their team(s) add value to their organisation. They take ownership for the organisation’s growth and success and can demonstrate the valuable financial impact they make.

This is what I call being a modern intrapreneur.

I help leaders and managers to do this and I teach them the intrapreneurial business development strategies that will work for them to grow their team(s) results by at least 6-figures. Not only can they get these results but they learn to do so in ways that are sustainable and scaleable. They will discover how to strategise their strengths, to lead an engaged and motivated team of intrapreneurs and achieve more with less in ways that everybody has more time and fun.

I have a coaching programme that’s designed to help leaders and managers to discover their path of least resistance so they can easily flow downstream. I help develop leaders, managers and their teams as intrapreneurs so they can grow team results by £100k+.

I can help leaders and managers to develop as intrapreneurs to sky-rocket their career and secure their future.

Just a one-hour session with some of this content results in performance improvements of £10k+ and taught in a one-day team workshop typically results in a return on investment of at least £100,000 over the following 6-12 months. Leaders and managers also love the personal impact they receive in terms of increased results, reduced stress and more time and fun.

Discover More About Being a Modern Intrapreneur

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