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CEO & Co-Founder of Unmind

Dr Nick Taylor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unmind, a workplace mental health platform that believes everyone has the right to a healthy mind. Unmind empowers employees to proactively look after their mental health and enables organisations, by aggregating and anonymising their employee mental health data, to create mental health strategies that are most appropriate for their people.

From a young age Nick has had a deep fascination with the human mind – born in part from growing up with a sister with Downs Syndrome who both saw the world differently and was treated differently by the world. This interest was further cemented while volunteering as a Samaritan and working as a Support Worker for the mental health charity, Mind. Nick chose to further pursue this interest, studying psychology at the University of Cardiff, before later gaining a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Sheffield and embarking on a career with the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist.

It was while working in a leadership role for the NHS that Nick became interested in corporate wellness and how organisations can benefit by looking after their employees. Determined to implement a strategy that would enable the NHS to best support its’ workers, Nick realised that there was a clear gap in the market for a platform that would provide all organisations with the tools to do this.

Through his experiences with the Samaritans, Mind and the NHS Nick developed three frustrations with the state of mental health care. The first is that people are not able to access professional care in a timely way when they experience mental health problems. The second is that people have to jump through too many hoops to access information that will help them with their mental health. The final frustration is that as a society we do not focus on prevention in mental health despite this being universally recognised as best practice in health care. It was the belief in the importance of offering a preventative solution that led Nick to co-found Unmind in 2016.

In under three years Unmind has built up an impressive client base including John Lewis & Partners, Farfetch, Just Eat, William Hill and With significant funding recently secured, Nick continues to lead the team behind Unmind, partnering with organisations who are committed to supporting the mental health of their employees and believe in the importance of creating a workplace environment where mental health is universally understood, nurtured and celebrated.