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Well Aware

Founder and Managing Director

I am the Founder and Managing Director at Well Aware. We are experts in Workplace Wellbeing. 

With the average working person spending roughly 90,000 of their waking hours at work over their lifetime, we feel the workplace is the perfect environment in which to nurture and educate employees on the benefits of good health and wellbeing. Well Aware now deliver wellbeing programmes to companies throughout the UK, of all different sizes. We educate, empower and inspire employees to make positive lifestyle choices and create long-term healthy habits. We do this by focusing on all areas of employee wellbeing from mental health through to posture and nutrition, addressing the key issues that companies face.

As Duncan Selbie, the Chief Executive at Public Health England so aptly put it, “Everyone benefits from a healthier workforce: employees, who will enjoy better health and be less likely to be off sick; employers, who will reap the benefits of increased productivity; and the NHS, which will have less poor health to deal with.”

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