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BCC ‘rubbish’ health proposals


The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has described new health proposals that allow workers to recover hospital costs in personal injury cases as ‘ludicrous’.

BCC Director General, David Frost warned that insurance companies are predicting that firms’ liability premiums will soar by anything from 8-10% as a result of the proposed legislation.

Frost referred to the situation as ‘deeply worrying’ and called for the proposals to be dropped altogether.

“If liability is the key issue, one must wonder where the government will stop. Is it planning to charge NHS costs to those who cause harm to themselves through risky activity, such as smokers or skydivers?

Frost added: “This is an example of disjointed government at its worst. The Department for Work and Pensions and the DTI are well aware of our members’ problems in relation to liability insurance yet the Department of Health has gone ahead with the proposal anyway.”

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Annie Hayes


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