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Beyond work-family balance – review


Title: Beyond work-family balance
Authors: Rhona Rapoport, Lotte Bailyn, Joyce Fletcher, Bettye Pruitt
Publisher: Jossey Bass Wiley, 2002
Price: £22.50, hardback
ISBN: 0787957305

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“Beyond work-family balance” looks beyond the surface of traditional work-life balance and considers work-personal life integration. It considers the dual agenda – gender equity and equality – by looking at organisational effectiveness, diversity and culture. The book focuses on examples of research projects undertaken by the writers.

The aim of the projects are to help men and women to achieve their full potential and considers the gender assumptions which are deeply embedded in work cultures, structure and practices, which are responsible for gender inequities in the workplace which are barriers to success. The focus is on organisational change to balance gender inequities, which is constantly re-enforced throughout the book, although repetitive, reinforces the key message.

The book is effective in its message, although is aimed towards the American audience. The message is substantiated by the examples indicated in the text and although a little lengthy and repetitive, provides an alternative view to traditional flexible working ideas.

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