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Blog: HenryTalk – Any answers for all your questions Part 2


We’ve had a busy couple of weeks again in Any Answers and were keen to pick out some more highlights. 

All of these discussions are still active so if you have any thoughts, please do head over and weigh in!
First up is Isobel, who is concerned that her employer isn’t doing enough to acknowledge and assist in making reasonable adjustments to help support her needs after she developed a disability.
It’s always a tricky situation and, as our members say, it’s vital to get advice from properly accredited, independent advisors. While both parties may want to do what’s right and legal, it’s important to follow the appropriate processes and document everything.
Next, a quick question from countinformation drew our attention to a handy resource that we wanted to highlight. When dealing with statutory sickness pay for employees, HM Revenue & Customs have everything you need in one guide to help ensure that all of your calculations and decisions are correct.
On the other hand, now that the default retirement age has been, well, retired(!), leanne29 wanted to know the best way to address the issue in employee contracts.
The responses here clearly show that it’s most important to ensure that staff are both aware of the changes and of what they can expect when approaching the general retirement age.
As confuddled explains, it’s also vital to let existing employees know that the retirement aspect of their contract may no longer apply and ensure that any concerns are shared sooner rather than later.
Finally, SheikM wants to make donating to charity easier for employees. But, as Karl @Employment Law Clinic recommends, you need to make sure that everything is clearly authorised in writing before going anywhere near an employee’s salary in relation to voluntary deductions.
We’re always on the lookout for handy tips, great advice and interesting issues to address in Any Answers. If you have a question that you want answered, why not head on over and ask the community?

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Henry Osadzinski

Community Manager

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