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Blog: Tips on how to create a powerful employer brand


We recently held an employer branding event held at The Sanctum Soho Hotel with some great insights from brands such ITV and TMP Worldwide who outlined their own employer branding journeys.

What became clear is that with the right resources – and of course budget – employer branding messages can be very powerful. But how do your recruitment partners fit into that branding message?
First, they are often the first ‘direct’ conversation between an employer and its future talent and so your recruitment partners need to be chosen carefully – and briefed well enough so that they not only understand the value of a strong employer brand – but also the importance of how it is communicated. 
Here are the top tips from the event:
  • The involvement and endorsement of senior leaders is critical
  • The research supporting your brand should be topical and relevant
  • Your employer brand does not exist in isolation but should engage with your consumer brand and your business objectives
  • Ideally, your messaging should work internally as well as externally – candidates should land in the organisation they thought they were joining
  • If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it
  • A great Employer Brand will engage and retain your staff
  • You will attract higher calibre staff for less salary if you are true to a best practice Employee Value Proposition
  • It will save you money, but it does require investment to do that
  • And finally, if you’re not doing it, how do you work with recruiters to ensure that your employer brand is represented well?

David Johnston is director of Handle Recruitment‘s HR division.

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David Johnston

HR Division Director

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