Wondering why performance management matters? Consider the ten vital capabilities an organization can only achieve with a best-of-breed Employee Performance Management (EPM) system. Why are organizations of all sizes suddenly rushing to automate their employee management processes? One reason is that web-based technology and affordable deployment options have helped this technology take off and driven organizations to rethink how they manage employee performance and workforce strategy. But more importantly, there are many things an organization simply cannot do without best-of-breed employee performance management technology. This whitepaper highlights ten of those things.

So what can you do with an Employee Performance Management System?
1. Increase rating accuracy and workplace productivity by dif-ferentiating performance

Most performance management systems result in a fairly flat distribution of ratings. In a system where everyone is rated a 4 on a scale of 1-5, it is often difficult to differentiate pay and other incentives enough to motivate top performers or change the behavior of poor performers. A system that supports calibration, a wider rating scale, and/or comparative rating results in a fairer and more accurate distribution and helps employees better understand where they stand within the organization. Read 9 more things a Performance Management System can do for you >>

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