Recognise This! – Employee appreciation should happen every day.

Today is Employee Appreciation Day. This irritates me. The fact of my irritation may surprise regular readers who know that employee appreciation and recognition are very important to me. There are three simple reasons why Employee Appreciation Day irritates me:

1)  It reinforces bad employee recognition practices

There are already enough poor practice employee appreciation programmes in place in companies today – Employee of the Month, Perfect Attendance, and the like. We don’t need another one added to the mix.

2)  It lets people off the hook for timely, frequent, meaningful recognition.

Just as average and poor managers use the excuse of the annual performance review as a reason to only give employees feedback and set goals once a year, so too do they use Employee Appreciation Day as an excuse to give all employees usually generic, impersonal recognition just once a year.

3)  It devalues the greater importance and ability of recognition to change company cultures.

Strategic, social recognition – frequent, timely, based on your core values – has the power to not only change your company culture into one of appreciation, but also give you the ability to proactively manage your culture going forward. That’s simply not possible when we think of appreciation as something we do once a year in early Spring.

We can do better than that. We must do better than that. What can you do instead?

Do you or does your organisation have plans for Employee Appreciation Day?