Far too often employers focus way too much on the performance of their employees and forget that there are certain things which are important than the numbers they produce. The mental and physical wellbeing of the employees is not only important for themselves but also important for the office overall as the better their condition is the better their performance is likely to be. Recently a lot of offices have started focusing on ensuring better mental and physical health condition. Let’s have a look at the 3 most important ways to ensure better health of employees:

1. Prioritize wellbeing at everyday routine: Different things define the culture of an organization. One of the best ways to make anything long lasting is to make sure that becomes an integral part of the organization’s culture so that everyone follows that. Organizations can promote physical and mental wellbeing as part of their culture. That might include spending a part of daily schedule doing physical activities like sport, maintaining a healthy diet by giving them access to healthy food, arrange psychology sessions to help with any mental health issues etc. Making these as part of the daily schedule will mean that if someone is already a part of the organization has a good healthy routine to follow and for new recruits, they will know about this culture beforehand. Thus it will be much easier to integrate them and further this amazing practice. Special focus needs to be given for people with mental health issues and arrangements should be made to make them feel at ease. Instructions given by specialists should be followed precisely for this.

2. Manage a good work-life balance: As employers, you will want your employees to work as hard as they possibly can. Especially during periods of the year where there is just tremendous work schedule, employees will have to do overtime and stay late. They might have to take work to home. Although these might bring profit in the short run but all of these take a toll on them. This insane work schedule hampers their social life, connection with their friends and families, their peace of mind etc. Productivity ends up dropping in the long run as physically and mentally they start becoming very disturbed and focus on the job is reduced significantly. Organizations need to make sure that this frustration isn’t present among its employees by making sure they are given chance to enjoy their life even after doing their work perfectly. Incentive-based trips can be arranged or even picnics amongst employees so that work seems like a part of life that you can enjoy and not a burden. This will make employees feel much more at ease when they work which will be significantly less stressful.

3. Sense of purpose and contribution: In the large scheme of things, it’s easy to feel you’re your work is not making any difference, that your existence is pointless. Everyone should feel like their work is making a difference, in the long run, to feel like they belong. HR team should make everyone understand how their work is making a difference and contributing to the overall development of the company. This feeling will remove a lot of anxiety and create hegemony amongst employees to create a much healthier work environment. A bit of praise from seniors every now and then can go a long way in solving these issues. Boredom and fatigue can also creep in which hampers mental peace significantly. It’s important to make sure that everyone doesn’t end up doing the same thing over and over again.



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