Recognise This! – You can rebuild engagement and trust by rebuilding a team-based culture of recognition.

The topic of employee morale and employee engagement is much in the news as of late. I can’t say I’m surprised. With the current state of the economy those still employed, whilst grateful for the work, are likely near the end of their ropes.

Why? Simple. Though company profits are at near record highs, company leaders are not hiring. I’ve read countless articles both in Europe and the U.S. about the sheer exhaustion and sense of hopelessness among employees who know they took on the work of one or more colleagues who were laid off – and they continue to perform those multiple jobs.

Research out of the UK and the US show the truth in this.

Aside from the sheer drop in engagement and morale alone, the Modern Survey report revealed two other unsurprising, but concerning, trends.

What can you as a leader, manager or HR pro do?

  1. Look closely at the work responsibilities of employees who have taken on the roles of those who were laid off. How can you reduce responsibilities to a reasonable level or make a strong case for hiring more support.
  2. Rebuild employee trust in the organisation through clear, frequent communication of what the company is doing today and plans to do in the future to both succeed in the market and appreciate employees for their efforts.
  3. Evaluate your company culture to see what changes need to be made to encourage stronger relationships between people. Building such a team culture helps create horizontal loyalty – the connections between employees that get the work done.

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