You will also have an easier time finding a part time job especially if you are young. This is because employers realize that students need temporary jobs to help with their finances and as a result most businesses offer such opportunities.

Whether you need the extra income to help with your rent or you just need some extra money for going out with your friends and having fun, you might want to take the following ideas into consideration to make the job hunt easier.

  1. Book store employee / working in a library

These are two of the best possible part time jobs that a young person can find in London. Working at a book store or a library is great because you will most likely have time to study for your own classes between helping people find what they are looking for. The job itself is not difficult or tiring.

  1. Leaflet distributor

Leaflet distribution in London is a great job and finding one is extremely easy especially for young people. If you are looking for an interesting part time job that is a little different from the rest, this is for you. Depending on the company that will hire you, you will either be put in a team or you will have to work alone. It is best to always ask beforehand if you think you will have a problem with one of these two options.

  1. Research assistant

Being a paid research assistant is great for students. A wide variety of departments from biology and chemistry to psychology and sociology usually look for research assistants. You might be required to have some knowledge in the field, but if this is what you are majoring in, you will be able to learn even more while getting paid for it.

  1. Participant in a study

If you don’t like the idea of doing the research, why not participate in a study instead? This is considered one of the best part time jobs for students because all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire every now and then. If you are a student, you can go around your university campus and look for such job opportunities posted on announcement boards. You will definitely find more than one.

  1. Barista

If you love coffee (and chances are that you do), this is the perfect job for you. If you land a job in one of the many cafes around campus, you will not only learn all about coffee, but you will also get special discounts. The other good thing is that these coffee shops are usually only open during the day, so you won’t have to worry about night shifts.

As you can see London is a pretty great place for finding a part time job especially when you are a student. There are so many different opportunities and these 5 cover only the most popular ones.

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