As its Halloween this week I thought I would share with you what I think are the worst sins and horrors you can commit when it comes to using LinkedIn for recruitment.

1. The first one is not using LinkedIn for recruitment at all! – You are missing out on possibly the largest passive candidate pool there is!

2. Having an incomplete profile and no picture – Candidates are less likely to respond to you and may struggle to even find you if you do not have a compete and keyword optimised profile. The key here is when you complete your profile make sure you optimise it to be found in the industry sectors you are looking to recruit in.

3. Your connections – lots of people just connect to anyone. It’s important to choose your connections carefully. If you are looking to use LinkedIn for recruitment then the people you connect with should be potential future candidates for your business. Be careful about connecting to recruitment agencies because if you broadcast vacancies as your status then you are also flagging up your positions to any agency you are connect with.

4. Irrelevant status updates – Think about what your connections will be interested in? Posting personal or irrelevant message can annoy your connections and they may even choose to disconnect from you.  

5. Not Getting involved – It’s a social network and you need to get involved! You should join relevant groups, answers questions and build you credibility and engage with your audience. This way when you have a vacancy to fill you will have a ready-made talent pool of candidates.

networx use LinkedIn extensively to recruit on behalf of our clients, it is now one of our most successful methods.  To achieve this it has taken over 2 years of learning and hard work. Successful recruiting on LinkedIn takes time and effort and it is never going to be a quick fix for any organisation. If you don’t feel you have the time to do this yourself feel free to talk to us about how we might be able to achieve your goals!
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