2015 has arrived and it is the time of year to re-evaluate the achievements (and shortfalls) of the previous year and consider what you wish to strive for in the year ahead.

Be it reducing your reliance on a traditional recruitment companies or improving your candidate communications, a strong list of considered resolutions are likely required to ensure you achieve your end goal.

With this in mind Webrecruit has taken some common themes of New Year’s resolutions and adapted them to give your 2015 recruitment strategy a boost.

1.    Embrace something new

Many people look to try something different each year, such as a new sport or hobby. This popular lifestyle resolution is an excellent one to apply to your hiring strategy.

Don’t be afraid of change. Sign up for some recruitment software demos, consult with a recruitment agency for an overview of their solutions and discover what new solutions are out there. You never know there could be a new alternative that could drive your recruitment forward in 2015.

2.    Save more

Another highly popular resolution made by many is to watch the pennies. It can be a challenge for many HR professionals to know how to cut back on spend.

The key to managing your recruitment spend is taking control of as much of your recruitment as you can, or partnering with a trusted supplier who can deliver reports on where your spend is going.

By bringing your recruitment in-house you can control many more aspects of your recruitment process, read our recently released guide on direct sourcing to get a better idea of how this could be achievable for you; http://info.webrecruit.co.uk/free-download-the-in-house-direct-sourcing-guide

3.    Learn to measure your success

How can you know if you’ve achieved your resolutions if you are not able to measure your success? The importance of understanding your recruitment metrics is vital for the success of your hiring efforts.

Reporting on the source of your applications gives you understanding of which advertising platforms are working or not working for you, just as knowing your cost-per-hire allows you to control and manage your spend, and so on.

With applicant tracking systems offering bespoke reporting functionality managing this metrics has never been easier.

Are you still unsure on the importance of recruitment reporting? Read this recent article for some further guidance http://www.webrecruit.co.uk/employer-blog/recruitment-tech/4-of-the-best-reports-to-generate-using-an-applicant-tracking-system

4.    Cut back where you can

When it comes to getting your recruitment advertising noticed it can be tempting to opt for vast coverage. This is something we do, at times, recommend but equally you need to take a considered approach.

If all your applications are mainly coming from just 40% of your job board portfolio, then what is the real purpose of the other 60%? If something is not adding any value to your recruitment, consider cutting it out.

Knowing which job boards will deliver the best results is a challenge, but by reporting on your applications by source you can asses this. Also consider partnering with a recruitment advertising agency to access their knowledge on the best resources for your campaigns.

5.    Read more

With so many recruitment solutions available it can be hard to know which to put into practice for your hiring. This is where it helps to turn to recruitment experts for some guidance. Free guides, checklist, employer blogs are all great resources to keep you updated with top tips and new product developments.

You can access the Webrecruit knowledge hub here: http://www.webrecruit.co.uk/employers/employer-resources

6.    Maximise your time

As you reflect on 2014 it is likely that you may find yourself pondering how fast the last year went by. Another popular theme for New Year’s resolutions is to ensure you make every moment count. This concept is an excellent one to apply to your time spent on your recruitment process.

For 2015 consider how you can reduce the time spent on length admin tasks. Consider how you can include automated processes to speed up your recruitment.

With these resolutions in mind, wave goodbye to the January blues and get ready to take your 2015 recruitment drive to the next level.

If you are considering a new alternative for your recruitment in 2015 request the Webrecruit brochure today and discover how our fully flexible solutions deliver a total direct hiring process for you. 

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