7377328 is the code that can solve many of your workforce relating worries. If you enter this code correctly it reduces employee turnover, stops plummeting levels of job satisfaction, improves performance of human resources and make them loyal with your business. Let’s decipher the code. Please look at the numeric keys of your phone, 7=R, 3=E, 7=S, 7=P, 3=E, 2=C, 8=T. You have got it right; the word ‘RESPECT’ is hidden behind the code. If you start giving respect to your employees they will love you and your organization.

Respecting your employees means giving them respect in every regard. Respect their aims, carrier aspirations, work and feedback. Your employees have aims about their lives and work, learn about their aims in order to help them to fulfill their aims. Provide them necessary resources that are required for fulfilling their aims. Train them in order to equip them with those skills that are helpful in winning them their aims. Fulfillment of their aims will satisfy them. Furthermore, provide such carrier tracks to your employees that are helpful in fulfilling their carrier aspirations. Respect the work of your employees. If they are working well you must appreciate them. If they are not working as per your expectations you must guide and train them to do so. Ask your employees to provide you feedback about their work, working conditions and supervisors. Act upon their feedback, don not ignore it.

Giving respect to your employees mean you care for them. In return they will care your aims and goals. Their performance will boost. They will get loyal with your business and will do their best to benefit it. This way you will also attract the best talent along with retaining your present workforce.