My article about Why your CV is boring and ineffective aroused a lot of interest and comments especially from people on Linkedin (I had more than 600 views cumulated for this article!).

Read me:

After 1 of the comments on the blog, I decided to give an example of what (for me) a boring CV looks like:

2003 -2006 Marketing Manager – Cuca Cola

– Launching a line of product for Cuca Cola

– Coordinating a team to achieve this product in time

– Creating a range of products after the launching of the line

– Selecting providers to complete the whole project

= Boring CV (job description), maybe it looks like your CV? Are you sure?

2003-2006 Marketing Manager – Cuca Cola

– Launching the line of products, Cool, with a budget of 1 million £.

This line reached 2% of market share the 1st year. www.cucacola/cool

– Coordinating a team of 10 people then 12 people on the Cool range of products, from designers to salespeople through weekly meetings.

– Creating 3 products for the line Cool: very cool, super cool and so much cool. These products were sold mainly through internet and we were awarded with the Internet Giants for this innovative approach. Super cool sales have been growing at a steady rate of 10%/year.

– Selecting 16 providers on the cool project: internet agencies, designers, SEO specialists. I worked overall with a team of 56 people during a year

= Interesting CV (with figures, examples, successful cases, details and even a website address)

And you, would you do the same?

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