The job market is tough out there and a recent poll by Anson Reed found that nearly half of candidates now tell fibs on their CV to land an interview.

The interview skills training company also found that only 39% of these candidates felt guilty and panicked that they would get found out.

Joe McDermott, CEO of Anson Reed, commented that these figures have risen over the last few years and illustrate just how much pressure applicants feel in the job market. “They are setting themselves up for a fall though if they don’t take a few steps to prepare for their grilling.”

The online poll also found that for 58% of people, their second greatest fear would be to clam up in the hot seat. However if you do your research and use the simple tools out there you can breeze through this final stage of the interview process:

– Know your target inside out. Study the job description and person spec as well as any literature and their website.  

– Perfect your communication skills. You will be selling yourself and your skills so clear and concise communication is vital.

– Give evidence of your skills. If you have completed a project give evidence or show the results. Better still take brochures or reports to prove your boasts.  

– Don’t forget to present yourself like a winner. It makes all the difference.

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