As we look to a new year, it’s time for you to revisit your professional goals and decide what you want to achieve in 2018. As an HR professional there is one resolution you should be making your priority for the years ahead – better aligning your HR and IT teams.

ADP has recently discovered that nearly a third (31%) of HR experts said their IT department was only somewhat, or not at all, involved in the HCM solution purchase decision making. On top of this over a fifth of Human Capital Management processes are still being run manually (22%). In this increasingly digital world that is alarming news.

IT solutions can make processes more efficient, offer data-driven results and automate repetitive processes. Companies of all sizes need to embrace digital HCM solutions that deliver the most value, insight and quality to their HR function. IT and HR teams will need to work closely to successfully drive this change forward. But how do you do this?

Communication is key

The most alarming result which emerged from the research was the apparent lack of communication between HR teams and IT departments. Over a quarter (28%) of respondents claim that IT is only somewhat involved in HCM solution decisions, and 3% claim it plays no role at all.

This needs to change. It’s vital that your HR team are in regular communication with the IT department at your organisation, from monthly meetings to global updates. This is important for the department leaders but more valuable if it’s the whole team.

When it comes to selecting a new HCM solution if HR don’t involve their IT teams in this process then they may encounter unforeseen complications during implementation. These can be avoided by collaborating from the outset of the project.

Share concerns and requirements

These regular communications are an opportunity for teams to voice their concerns, desires and what they really need to support them. IT experts may be surprised at what HR teams require of the systems and processes they use, whilst HR teams may well be surprised to learn some of the tools that could better support them.

The research showed that a majority of HR experts find new technologies, like social features, very important. Today, employees want HR-related processes to run smoothly in order to limit the amount of work on their side. They also expect their user experience at work to be similar to the one they encounter in their personal lives, where justified. Introducing new technologies – such as social or collaboration apps – into employees’ everyday working lives helps meet employee expectations.

The time is now

Despite a significant number of respondents revealing that IT departments are not closely aligned with HR, the research pointed towards a shift in the attitudes of HR experts. Most recognised how essential technology is for delivering more strategic value to their organisation, so a stronger relationship between HR and IT should start today.

For many years HR departments have relied on advanced technology and systems to support them and IT teams have purchased, set up and supported these technologies. However, the two still operate in far too a siloed manner.

Make 2018 the year you ensure they are working together to add strategic value to the business.

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