Wow – time flies, where did July go! I’ve had a blast as HRzone’s guest blogger of the month. I promised the good people at HRzone a song to sign off on. Here is the link, hope you like it.

If your HR strategy has really hit the floor, And your employees are all voting with their feet

And in your heart, deep down you know there must be more, You need somewhere to help you feel upbeat

If all your people are whining, And you need a little inspiring

Then go to HRzone the site, that’s really neat….

Derek Irvine blogs about recognition, Alison’s paddle will get you through the creek

Straight talking’s what you get from Andrew Leigh, There’s even a space in their blogosphere for yours truly

Hot topics are covered in great detail, Engagement, leadership and wellbeing are just three

There are more white papers than you can shake a stick at, And you can download great research it’s all for free

If it’s great thinking you’re after, To avoid an HR disaster

Then go to HRzone, cos it’s the place to be

And before you’ve had enough, Read an editorial by Charlie Duff

Then catch the news on the latest HR Strategy

If all your perspiration’s, Not giving you inspiration

If you’re struggling to find that great idea

Then once more I suggest, Go to the place that does HR best

Go to HRzone cos it’s the place to be

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