How are you feeling inside as you think about it now? I mean if you could choose any feeling that would enable you to get the most joy from today, what feeling would you choose? Take a minute to read through these quotations and notice your emotional response then read on to discover why your emotional reactions send vibrational waves into your environment.

According to sociologist Edward Shills, charisma endows its recipients with an almost supernatural power that transcends ordinary human behaviour. A rather dramatic interpretation at first glance. Yet take a look at people with faith when they are praying. Whether in a mosque, a church or a synagogue or a temple you may notice an aura of radiance, a sense of calm peacefulness that surrounds their physical form. From an energetic perspective, the purer the person's thinking, their vibrational frequency becomes lighter and higher. So in practical terms, emotions such as anger and sadness are transmitted on a low heavy frequency in contrast to love and gratitude which are transmitted on a high lighter frequency. As my 30 year fascination with charisma has caused me to research and study hundreds of leaders in different fields I recognise that many charismatic individuals (who use their charisma with positive intent) are transmitting their energy on a higher frequency in contrast to their non charismatic peers.

Last year I conducted an experiment based on the iconic master of self development, Napoleon Hill. In 1935 he would imagine holding a board meeting with leaders that he admired. He discovered that his 'counsellors' would give him inspired solutions that he had not thought about on his own. On October 26th 2013 I invited 12 intuitive people join me to an event where we channelled the essence or spirit of our chosen deceased charismatic leader. Such was the success and power of this event I decided to run another one on Saturday 12th July 2014. This time I wanted to experience whether it is possible to access guidance from a high vibrational frequency that would enable a group of us to connect with a divine source of inspiration. There were questions I was curious to get answers to such as 'How can you know if you've met your soulmate?' to 'What happens when we die?' Under the expert guidance of experienced and trustworthy Psychic Medium Paul Wayman, we gathered at my house by the river to devote a day to what I affectionately call 'weird stuff'.

As the day progressed we learned how to access a deeper level of trance and experimented with techniques ranging from inspired writing to channelling wisdom from the akashic records. What stood out to me was the power of our collective group energy and the deep feeling of trust and support amongst us. We were experiencing a collaborative culture in its purest form where individuals accessed their purest creative states and enabled a stream of wonderful ideas and solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. At a cellular level our bodies became flooded with Oxytocin and Serotonin (hormones that trigger love, empathy, trust and bonding) It was a special moment as individuals recognised that happiness is not attained when we find peace and calm it is when we attain peace and calm that happiness flows abundantly through our system. The power of the group's support was demonstrated in little acts of kindness that honoured and respected the individual and the group. Diverse personalities blended and merged to create a glorious sense of oneness that will remain with me forever.

If I imagine this state of flow and connectedness expanding into organisations I am able to grasp how new visions of growth can pioneer the frontiers of organisational development. When employees feel safe, connected and supported within their everyday workplace and are operating from an emotional foundation of calm serenity then performance, productivity and efficiency naturally follows. As authenticity, emotional intelligence and compassion for our colleagues grows, the strength and power within an organisation flows and consequently supports itself to transcend from a stuck sterile operational environment to one of pure potentiality. Today's visionary leaders recognise that profits should never be pursued at the expense of people or by sacrificing the planet. When leaders work in alignment with the laws of Nature and in support of their emotional guidance system they transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

A few days after this event I experienced a heavy cold (I never usually get ill) as the shift in my vibrational frequency caused a release of emotional toxins. I think this sounds a bit more positive as I cough through the night and drink endless mugs of Lemsip and buying into this 'it's just a cold' malarkey!

So whatever you are up to this week, this day, this moment, take a moment to pause and notice how you are feeling. If it's a good feeling then know that you are more open, more creative and feel more connected than those 'Moaning Mildreds' and 'Whinging Williams' that try to poison your bliss.