Seeing the big picture of absence in your organisation and collecting detailed and time-relevant information is critical. By recording all activity, you can analyse your data and absence patterns and then identify any underlying issues.

This helps to establish your absence policy and develop the appropriate programmes to tackle the issues. For many organisations, the starting point for recording absence is to manually input data into a central system, once the hard-copy return to work form has been handed to you by employees.

Limitations of traditional systems

Using the traditional paper format for capturing absence details can be time-consuming and complex. Getting information into the system in the first place encompasses several stages, all of which can be subject to hold-ups. Even the most efficient HR department will often experience delays. The information is transferred from one source to another and involve a risk of error and inconsistency while re-keying data. 

How can an absence management system help?

Today’s absence management software is designed to make recording absence quick and easy. Software should allow you to collect data via an easy-to-use electronic form, configured to capture all the relevant information required.

As a minimum, you should be able to record:

Who should collect this data?

The most appropriate person to collect the absence data will depend on the structure of your business and your particular needs. You will be able to set-up the workflow accordingly. In most cases, a line manager is the best person to do this but in other cases it can be your office administrator or your receptionist. Again, whatever your strategy and business structure, a good absence management system will help make this process as simple as possible.

A system allowing real-time updates is essential since it enables visibility at all times and keeps a rolling count of working days absent. Software operating via the web is tremendously important as line managers and employees can update their absence from remote locations. It allows an increasingly mobile workforce to manage absence, whether they’re at their desks or at customer sites. It also helps eliminate time-consuming form-filling – avoiding bottle necks at all times.

Further information

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