Recognise This! – Recognition, reputation, and performance management are among the top opportunities for improving engagement as identified by Aon Hewitt.

Aon Hewitt recently released their 2012 Trends in Global Engagement. Several findings were unsurprising, but worthy of highlighting as many organisations still struggle with getting these basic factors of engagement success right.

First, it’s important to understand Aon Hewitt’s 3-part engagement model of “Say” (what employees say about the organisation to others), “Stay” (the level of employee desire to stay with the organisation), and “Strive” (how much extra effort employees are willing to give and the behaviours they’re willing to demonstrate).

With that in mind, consider these findings from the research on “Top Opportunities to Improve Employee Engagement”:

Strategic, social recognition is a powerful method for accomplishing all three. The ROI on recognition is clear, especially when linked to engagement. Moreover, companies with a culture of recognition have stronger reputations among employees and the market alike. When peer-to-peer recognition is made public throughout the organisation, employees can see and share in the goodwill flowing across the company, creating a powerful sense of a winning team.

Finally, Aon Hewitt’s last question under “Managing Performance” is critical to consider. It is possible to have employees who are working very hard and delivering strong results – but are their efforts focussed on what you need them to be focussed on today? Strategic objectives are changing more rapidly than ever. Communicating those changes in ways that matter to employees – through the work they do every day – is critical to managing and focussing their performance. Being able to see the results in real-time charts based on recognition given and received for living those desired behaviours (as is possible through Talent Maps™) takes this to the next level.

What are your top opportunities for improving engagement in your organisation?

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