Recognise This! – We all have the ability to be the superstar, and we all have the responsibility to praise and recognise the superstar.

One of my all-time favorite co-workers is a woman named Cami. Cami was a big ball of fire with a teeny tiny body, amazing cooking skills, and fabulous boots. But that’s not why I loved her.

Cami was the most hard-working person I think I’ve ever worked with. If she was bored—which she rarely was—she would find something work related to do. Cami was always the first person who volunteered to take on extra work or help a colleague. If you had a question about anything work-related—and I mean anything—Cami knew the answer. Not the made-up answer. The real answer. She knew how to set up our computers and phones; she knew how to write training guides; she knew how to invoice a client; she knew who to call to clean up Diet Pepsi spills, and she knew everyone’s cell phone numbers by heart. Is it any wonder we called her “Rainman?” Her willingness to go above and beyond to help people be successful was impressive and always appreciated. Any time she would come to my cubicle just to say hello, she would always leave by saying, “Do you need anything from me today?” And she meant it.

Pull a “Cami” today. Sincerely ask a colleague how you can help them out, and then do it. Help a co-worker find the solution to a problem or question—not a made-up answer or band-aid answer—a legitimate, long-term solution. I think I’ll pull a “Cami” right now by calling my frazzled co-worker and taking some of the work off of her shoulders. Now if I only had Cami’s cooking skills…. And those boots.

Who’s your office “go-to” person? How is he or she appreciated by others for above and beyond efforts?