In order for a company to stand out in front of the competition, you may see that the company can end up using some challenging Hiring Tactics. With that in mind, using these is not really a good idea. Not only does it bring a bad sign towards your business, but the return on investment may not be that good either and you will not have debt relief with losses. The idea here is to ensure that the Hiring Tactics are the right ones. And if there are any unethical Hiring Tactics, you can find them here


Also called rusing, this is a system where a recruiter will assume an alias just to get past the gatekeeper and reach people that they would not be able to reach otherwise. This is not illegal, but it’s certainly unethical. And it’s definitely not helping your business, as it just brings in a set of major problems to it if anything.


If the recruiter helps people prepare for hiring, what will happen here is that person will have a better chance and the recruiter will have his own fee from this. As you can imagine, this is very problematic and it brings in front a whole host of issues. Plus, the candidate can end up misrepresenting himself and the recruiter actually helps him do that.

Creating invisible/ghost descriptions

This is a problem because you do get plenty of potential candidates and personal information from them. But the candidate doesn’t know that there is no open position for that spot. As you can imagine, this leads to a whole range of issues that people could avoid instead of actually dealing with even more hassle.

Continual testing

If a person is good for a job, you can see it pretty fast. Continually trying to add more tests just to show the candidate that he is not good for the job is pretty bad. That’s why you want to avoid the issue as much as possible. Clear testing in just a few phases is a whole lot better and the results can be very good.

A bad recruiting pipeline

Complex recruiting pipelines are bad. They just end up adding in more hassle than it’s needed to the recruitment process. While they can sometimes make the process more comprehensive, many times this will stand in the way. And if anything, it will just encourage the recruitment tactics to be more problematic and challenging in the longer term.

Lying about the paycheck

A lot of companies do this, unfortunately. They advertise one thing and in the end, the employee has to be ok with a smaller income. It’s not a huge problem right off the bat, but it does lead to many issues with the employee down the road.

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