Recognise This: People want more than just a pay range when they’re looking for a new position.

I know what you’re thinking. Pay is the first thing people want to know in reading a job description. That may be true, but how many job descriptions actually include pay or even a pay range? Very few, especially for professional positions.

Sure, they want to know job title and description, but those are so similar across companies there is little differentiation for seekers. (And keep in mind 2/3 of those currently employed are actively seeking a new job today.)

So what do they want to see when seeking a new company? According to CareerEdge:

“Gen-Yers want to understand the corporate culture.”

Culture – working environment, tolerated behaviours, company values – is so important, some will bypass a job listing that doesn’t make culture clear.

How are you communicating your company culture? Even to those you are passively recruiting?

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