This time of year people are  returning from their holidays and getting back to it. The back to school pattern remains embedded in many people and the change in season reinforces this. As the days start to get a little shorter a long British winter approaches there can be a melancholy mood in many offices. Others feel reinvigorated as people come back refreshed with new ideas and energy. Like any time of change much is revealed. Do employes hate their jobs? Have they been in contact even in time off? Did they even get time off over the Summer? Is a holiday an escape from work or a way to be more effective in work? How is the health and wellbeing of your organisation? “As a stress management consultant “what holiday period?!?” or similar is a comment I hear in organisation in a downward spiral.  As a HR person much can be learnt as people come back, about the organisation and about staff who may be more open, hones and authentic.    A good time of year to have your ears open and to start change initiates.

All the best from Brighton,

Mark Walsh

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