The budget philosophy is that if the public sector backs off the private sector will come forward and create. Create jobs, creativity, opportunities and business.

Great philosophy but it wont work unless the investment, nurturing and management of the sales force in the UK is recognised.

It is said that if all the bees were to die then the world would come to an end in about 2 years. That’s frightening! And why I plant lots of flowers in my garden to encourage as much of their busyness as I possibly can.

If we use the bee metaphor and see the bees as sales people then I think we have something. The sales people are the bees going from company to company picking up business, passing on good news and generally creating the orders to build all our futures.

The public sector is process driven not sales driven. It became top heavy, expensive and greedy. (just look at the epitome of public sector; The MP’s.) The nation then became more reliant on it and the cycle persisted.

Every commercial company whether it deals in a service or a product has a sales function.

We need to love, nurture, develop, mentor, train and coach our sales people.

As an ex sales person, ex sales manager and a passionate sales trainer and coach I believe wholeheartedly that the pulse of every company is it’s sales force and each level of the sales operation requires development, structure and the all important leadership. A firm hand is needed as sales people are feisty, stroppy and ‘precious’ (in all senses)

In the following blog entries I will give you lots to consider if you are in a front line sales role or a management role. Please sign up to keep up with the posts and contact me with any comments and questions.