Feedback and communication are a vital part of any organisation’s human resource programme. One of the best ways to receive valuable feedback and open clear lines of communication in an organisation is with 360 feedback. 360 feedback is a great way to assess the performance of staff and identify areas for improvement. Usually these surveys are carried out to evaluate the performance of staff members and not management. 360 feedback surveys are ideal for the evaluation of management performance for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why 360 surveys are ideal ways to gauge the performance of a member of your management team.

Staff Anonymity            

The anonymity of 360 review systems means that staff can be open and honest about their manager’s performance. This allows for better insight and therefore more relevant data. This means the performance of management can be developed in areas that need to be addressed.

Multiple Assessors

The ability to avail of multiple assessors in a 360 feedback survey means a wider range of opinions. This gives you a more comprehensive view of a manager’s performance. It also means that they are being appraised not only by those that work under them, but also by their peers and potentially by customers.

Insightful Reporting

360 survey systems take care of data processing required to create reports. This means you don’t have to waste time trawling through piles of information. The 360 survey system collates and organises the information in whatever way you want, to make the data insightful and simple to understand. The performance appraisal systems can also be manipulated to represent your company’s defined competency framework, which provides you with an even clearer understanding of the development needs for your management team.


After a 360 survey has been completed, the data analysed and areas for improvement identified, there should be an improvement in the relationship between management and the rest of your staff. Once the lines of communication have been opened through the 360 survey process, this should help relationships to grow and for your business to develop.

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