How often should you recognise long serving employees? What reward should you offer? What value should your awards be to compete with similar organisations? How can you make the most of the presentation? 

All common questions asked by HR professionals when reviewing their long service award offering. So we have created a guide to help organisations large and small to improve the way that they recognise loyalty among employees.

This guide contains details on essential considerations, such as those mentioned above to help ensure that you are thanking employees for their ongoing contributions in a manner that will enhance productivity, boost morale and reduce turnover…

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All too often long service awards remain unchanged year on year. Organisations are missing out on the motivational effect loyalty awards can have by either not offering them in a timely enough fashion, not delivering aspirational rewards, not making the most of the presentation or quite possibly all of the above.
We hope that this guide will give HR teams the information they need to review the awards that they offer staff in an educated manner and help them to make the most of these valuable opportunities to show their appreciation.