It’s time once again to share my posts on Compensation Cafe. Please do click through and share your thoughts and comments on the original posts.

3 Reasons Why Bonuses Are Simply “Too Much” (February 23, 2012)

In which I highlight for me three ways in which the bonuses are simply “too much.” (1) Too much weight given to bonus vs. base pay; (2) Too much of a gap between the total compensation for those at the top vs. those in the trenches; and (3) Too much complexity that only encourages negative repercussions.

Do You Have a “Plan” or a “Strategy” (March 7, 2012)

In which I look at the difference between a Total Rewards plan and a strategy based on a Strategy + Business article defining a strategy as one focussed on understanding who the target customer is, what the value proposition is to draw in that customer, and what the essential capabilites are to deliver that value proposition. Without clear and coherent answers to these three questions, you may have an exciting vision, a compelling mission, clear goals, and an ambitious strategic plan with many actions under way, but you won’t have a strategy.

3 Employee Total Rewards Best Practices Learned from Crop Circles (March 21, 2012)

In which I share the three lessons I learned after digging into why crops are planted in circles instead of squares or rectangles (hint: to maximise irrigation). (1) “Sacrifices” made for better results often create unexpected opportunities for more yield in the end; (2)  Some employees thrive under different conditions than others; and (3)  It’s necessary to leave room for resources that “fuel” productivity. Do you think “outside the square” for how to best utilise your recognition and total rewards resources for your employees?

Are You Paying Employees for Results or Knowledge (April 3, 2012)

In which I examine what you pay  employees employees for after you have them on board – their results or their knowledge. A workplace that focuses on results as the primary means of measurement for reward concerns me in that there is potential to lose sight of these three key contributors to success: 1) Unique knowledge contribution; (2) Efforts contributing to progress; and (3) Hidden contributors to ultimate success.

Don’t Forget Your Everyday Heroes: Recognising the Middle 80% (April 12, 2012)

In which I extend the discussion started by my Compensation Cafe colleague, Stephanie Thomas, about the importance of recognising the vast majority of your “middle tier” employees – those who grind out the work every day and make it possible for your stars to shine.