Deciding to sell up and relocate to a new area brings with it a strange mix of excitement and trepidation. Leaving all your friends and familiar haunts is a brave thing to do and even more so if you have to look around for a job in the area you're moving to.

As with anything in life, it pays to plan ahead. So start your job seeking as soon as you can.

You can browse the internet before you even instruct your solicitors, so take time out to check what's what in your new area. Local papers all have websites and many have official job sites where you can upload your CV. This makes things so much easier because you can apply for a job and attach your CV to the application. Just make sure your CV is up to date and remember to tailor it to the job you're interested in.

Use social-networking websites to help get your name out there. LinkedIn is an excellent case in point, so make sure your profile on it is updated with any new information.

While you're checking out on the internet, don't forget that all local media can help you gain knowledge of your new area. You can find out what's going on in and around the area. Local television and radio are amazing providers of information and often focus on certain happenings in the business community. Stay tuned in and aware.

Most towns have at least one recruitment agency, so it's worth making an appointment with them to discuss your requirements. Be sure to choose the recruitment agency which covers your particular areas of expertise. They will have local market knowledge and can be a mine of information. The information and the advice they can give you can set you up with the job of your dreams.

If it's proving more difficult than you thought to get a new job, have a rethink about what you actually want to do. Perhaps a slight change of career direction could help. Maybe a little flexibility in your approach could make a difference, so think about part-time or voluntary work while you are looking for permanent employment.

Many people also work successfully from home, so this is another option to consider. With the power of the internet, the world has become a much smaller place and this has facilitated many companies using home-based staff.

If you're relocating to a rural area and considering working from home, it's vital to check on the broadband speeds available before going any further. And remember that some areas of the country still have to use the old, slowerdial-up method.

Always be flexible and consider other options. Think about your skills and what you can offer. This may be a good opportunity for thinking about self-employment. How about retraining? There are so many options if finding a new job is proving difficult. Just remember to do your homework and take your time and the rest will follow.

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