Brand Visibility

What do these brands have in common? It's more than just being large successful companies – it is brand visibility. Getting your name out there in places your target audience is likely to see it is the key to successful advertising. While having a good logo or catchphrase is important, it won't matter if no one sees them. Custom printed materials can be a great way to reach your target audience and communicate your message.

Selecting your Target Audience

Before investing in printed materials for advertising, consider what sort of materials would be most likely to reach your target audience. A pen with your logo might be a good idea if accountants or office workers are your audience, but might not be the best idea if dog owners are your audience. Likewise, printed t-shirts might not have much impact if you're trying to reach business executives, but might work wonders if amateur athletes are your audience.

With a wide range of materials available to be printed on – from travel mugs to messenger bags, flyers to business cards (source: – considering your target audience and what sort of items they will find useful can really make a difference in terms of building your brand profile and increasing visibility.

Repetition is the Key

When it comes to advertising, repeating yourself as often as possible is the best way to ensure clients remember your brand when it’s time to make a call or purchase. Selecting two or three objects your target audience is likely to use frequently will ensure that your name is on their mind when they need something by exposing them to your branding several times a day. A business card with a ruler on one side can be used as profile meter for car tires and in same way the user allways repeat your name at using this product.