There are lists upon lists of motivational and personal development apps. They all guarantee that if you listen and follow the defined routine that you will get better.

It does not matter what field of endeavor that you are interested in. It does not matter what your educational background is. The apps take no account of your genetic inheritance at all. The majority of the apps guarantee that you will attain greater personal development and higher levels of motivation by following simple routines.

The market for personal development has always been thriving. It has simply moved to Android app development. If you look at what is available closely then you will find that what is “new” is really just a remake of old news.

You can buy an app for a few dollars and get the same message that Confucius, the Buddha, or Zig Ziglar produced. There are hundreds of more modern motivational experts. Each person has had success in their life and has a realistic message to relay.

You might be more motivated and have a more realistic view of personal development that works if you look at the things that have made Android app development so successful.

The idea is not that any given person or app cannot help you with personal development or motivation. The concept is based on comparison.

Android app development far surpasses any individual or any app based on a single person’s work or theory in three key areas. The areas are speed, size, and audience participation.


Apps have conquered the Earth in less than 20 years. Google, Microsoft, and Apple have charities that make smart phones and apps available to the poorest people in the world. The apps educate and teach people how to use the limited environment they live in to the best advantage possible.


Android app development has produced 2.8 billion apps to date. There are about seven billion people on Earth. India has begun an app development training program that anticipates having 20 million new app developers by 2025. This is just a small sample of the scale involved.

Audience participation

Android app development is driven by audience participation. No personal development speaker or course has ever been as market driven as it is now. No motivational speaker ever had as large an audience that demanded more of them and had the power to make them change like they do now. The demand may come in increments of one dollar but the size factor can be millions per day.

What can you learn from Android app development?

The idea is to look at Android app development from a personal development and motivational aspect. There are several qualities that are common to this skill regardless of the size of the company involved.

Do it because it is hard

This is part of John Kennedy’s sales pitch for going to the Moon. It is great because it works.

People get really revved up when you put something in front of them that is really hard. Naturally, you need people that want to work and accomplish. Really smart and successful business owners have found that making a job hard makes their best people do better work.

The idea is challenge. Humans are just built to take on a challenge. It may be a genetic holdover from cavemen. They need to defeat something. It gives them a sense of purpose. It gives them a feeling of superiority.

App development is like this. Try this as an example. There is an app that can recognize any known partial differential equation and solve it. All you have to do is take a picture of the equation. The math is complex and took humans years to do by hand. It takes the app a few seconds. The app took three years to perfect. The market is tiny. They did it because it was hard.

Do it because people say you cannot

Nothing gets people up for a tough challenge like being told that they cannot possibly do something. This may be just basic human stubbornness. People thrive on accomplishing what others tell them cannot be done.

Man was never meant to fly except 100,000 planes cross the United States alone every day. The Wright brothers and people who explored flight back to the ancient Greeks deserve the credit. The first man that thought about how to do it deserves just as much credit. That first man just did not have the tools.

The idea here is making the tools if you do not have them. That is what app developers did. Making something out of nothing but your own thought is the greatest confidence builder that there ever was or ever will be. Watching it make a fortune for you is a hit that is like no other experience.

Ever changing

Most apps have a relatively short life. This means that the developer has to be constantly planning for the next thing that will keep his business at the top of the market.

This is essentially the same reason that people invest in motivational and self development apps, teachers, speakers, and courses.

You understand that staying the same is a path to poor performance and eventual failure. You know that the world evolves and that you have to change with it or be left behind forever. You are intelligent enough to realize that you do not know it all and are willing to seek guidance. You change and evolve just like an app.

Use you time to your advantage

Apps are supposed to make your life easier so you have more time to do things that are important or fun. Motivation and self development should be enjoyable.

Many people get trapped in the idea of having to do this to get better idea. All that this accomplishes is making you tired and less motivated than when you started.

There are times when you need to let it all go and just have fun. Do something with your children or your wife. Play with the dog or the cat. Do anything that makes you completely forget about developing yourself. Get unmotivated for a little while and you will be more motivated.

Have you ever wondered why app developers act a bit crazy? They are releasing stress so they can do their best.