Recognise This! – We cannot forget to celebrate the contributions and successes of those in the organisation whose greatest successes are rarely visible.

I’m having computer issues today. As I’m sure everyone reading can attest, nothing can destroy your productivity or plan for your day than computer issues. Indeed, computer issues are why this post is being put up so late.

I’m lucky, though. I work with an incredible IT support team who not only know what they’re doing, but also understand the urgency of “my” issue. I say “my” issue because I’m fully aware that whilst fixing my computer issues are my first priority, I’m sure it isn’t the first priority for the IT team. I know they had a list of tasks to accomplish and goals to achieve when they walked in the office door this morning, and fixing my computer wasn’t on it.

Yet, they’ve made my priority their priority as well (and I am deeply grateful). This situation also gives me the opportunity to emphasise a very important element of strategic employee recognition – don’t forget your supporting cast.

The IT team is fundamentally critical to a well-run organisation. Yet, when they are doing their job well, you don’t see or hear them. They keep our systems quietly humming along. Because of this, they are often the unsung heroes of an organisation. Today, I’m singing their praises.

This situation was also reflected back to me in a post from Steve Boese on his HR Technology blog:

“We study and ponder and measure and opine about engagement, motivation, performance, blah blah blah. Honestly, it’s all getting kind of boring. Managers and leaders, (and certainly employees), simply remembering that the organisation is composed of actual living, breathing, feeling, and caring people, and occasionally acting upon that realisation is probably in the long run more important to the success of organisations and our ability to feel like we are doing the right thing with our lives.”

Who are the unsung heroes in your organisation? Who understands your priorities and makes them their own?

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