You need to change the way you think. To transform organisational performance, get the employees themselves to study the system, the way the work works, and then change it. And what of the HR leadership role? To get profound results in HR and the whole organisation, HR people need to study the root causes of problems rather than deal with the symptoms of command and control management, e.g. sickness absence, dis-engagement, etc.

When performance improves, i.e. better customer service, reduced costs and increased morale, what happened to the people? Nothing happened to the people. They weren’t “motivated” or “engaged” – at least not in the way we typically do this to people. The system governs behaviour and a command and control system dis-engages and dis-empowers people. Therefore, change the thinking and the culture change comes for free. Wow!
In many organisations employees and their manager studied the work and then changed it. The case studies show that people become intrinsically motivated. They work harder, feel more in control of their work and feel less stressed. If you want people to do a good job, then design a good job for them to do. You don’t need rewards or punishments or any extrinsic forms of motivation.
So, what about leadership and management? No change without leadership. They need to change their view of organisations, leadership, management and human beings. They no longer manage budgets and people, but act on the system. They do need to fundamentally alter their thinking.


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