Unfortunately, a large number of people across the UK have an accident at work. When an accident occurs as a result of the negligence of the employer, many victims decide to make a personal injury compensation claim. In order to make a successful claim there are certain criteria that a victim needs to satisfy, and in this article we will be discussing the criteria that an employee needs to meet in order to make a successful accident at work compensation claim.

Who is at fault for an accident that occurs at work; and how to know whether you are able to claim compensation? – All employers have a legal responsibility to protect employees, contractors and visitors from accidents and injuries within the working environment, and listed below are just a few of the requirements that they need to satisfy as an employer to ensure that individuals and workers are safe in the establishment.

Necessary equipment – An employer needs to ensure that they provide all employees with the necessary machinery and tools to complete their day-to-day jobs, and they also need to ensure that these are maintained to an efficient standard and are in a safe condition.

A safe environment – Employers have a responsibility to ensure that the workplace is kept in a safe and tidy condition, and that all employees are provided with suitable workstations and chairs to minimise the risk of harm. All corridors and floors should be kept clean and free from hazards such as slips trips and falls.

Efficient training – Any employees that are required to lift heavy objects need to ensure that they receive training to show them how to do this safely. It is important for every single employee to be trained efficiently within the working environment, as if an employee has an accident at work due to the negligence of another member of staff that has not been properly trained, then this victim who has been injured may be able to claim compensation from the company.

If an individual has been involved in an accident at work that was not their fault as any of the above points were not satisfied, then this employee could be entitled to compensation and it may be beneficial for this individual to look for a highly successful legal firm who practices specifically in this field of law. Work Accident Claims Solicitors is able to offer assistance and guidance to employees across the UK who have been injured whilst at work, and they can offer a free, no obligation consultation to discuss a victims needs and provide them with advice on how to claim compensation.

The time limits that apply when making an accident at work compensation claim in the UK – there are extremely strict time limits in place when it comes to making a personal injury compensation claim following an accident at work, and the majority of victims will have three years from the date of the accident to make a successful compensation claim.

The team at Work Accident Claims Solicitors can, however, offer assistance to individuals across the UK in regards to the time limits, and they can provide a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the validity of any accident at work compensation claim.

The amount of recompense an accident at work victim can achieve in compensation – It is very difficult to put an exact estimate on exactly how much personal injury compensation an employee is able to achieve until the full extent of this accident are known. The team at Work Accident Claims Solicitors can, however, offer the victims of accidents a free, no obligation consultation, and during this they will be able to give an idea as to how much compensation an employee can achieve for an accident at work that was not their fault.

The team at Work Accident Claims Solicitors will have discussed the above accident at work and then provided this client with advice and discussed whether they could start the compensation claims process on this individual’s behalf.