We’ve had a fornight to get used to the new look HRZone, and we’re pleased to see so many of you registering with the site, commenting on articles and even contributing your own blogs; it’s good to see the improved layout doing what we hoped, in getting more relevant content to you, and making it easier to get involved with any discussions.

We’ve had some lovely feedback so far about the new design, but we’re always keen to hear more, whether it’s your thoughts on the site navigation, the new features or any problems you’ve encountered. Get in touch in the comments below, or on our Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

Employee Appreciation Day!

Did you all have a fun Employee Appreciation Day? From the look of our Twitter feed, a lot of you were treated to cake and donuts at work. We were lucky enough to get biscuits (fingers crossed for Krispy Kremes next time…)

HR After Dark

In addition to the updated site design, we’ve also commissioned some new article series – one series which has provoked a lot of debate is HR After Dark, our anonymous series covering the gripes of HR professionals.

So far we’ve had articles about the woes of social media, the controversial trend for ‘disruption’ and the overuse of the term ‘commercially-driven’ in HR.

Have you enjoyed the pieces? What grinds your gears about the HR industry? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to suggest your own HR After Dark piece to our editor Jamie…

Company awards – a good or bad idea?

An interesting article which was shared with us on LinkedIn was this piece about company awards and how useful they are for motivating employees.

With employee engagement being on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the moment, awards can be an excellent way to show your appreciation, but as our readers pointed out, they need to be thought about carefully…

The benefits HR cloud technology

A popular download on HRZone this week was a practical guide produced with Workday on the subject of cloud HR technology, including customer and industry leader feedback, and 10 key points for putting forward a business case.

You can download the guide here, but also let us know your thoughts and experiences of this new area for HR.

Ten top sites for employee engagement

Another article our readers shared with us was this list of websites for employee engagement – we were very happy to make the list, and found some handy new resources in the process.

That’s my round-up for this week, I’m always keen to be told about any articles or discussions that I can share with the HRZone community, so get in contact in the comments or on our social media sites.

Have a good week!

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