The bank holiday weekend is upon us and just in time – it’s been a busy month on HRZone and we’ve seen some great posts in April! First, however, a bit of housekeeping. We’ve been experiencing some issues with spam on the site and are cracking down on junk-posting accounts. You should notice fewer spammy comments and blogs appearing from now on. If you do see anything that looks out of place, you can report it by emailing us and we’ll make sure it’s taken down ASAP.

Looking at this month's blogs, Luis Suarez’ behaviour put him in the news and on HRZone this month. Scarfie highlighted just how odd it seems when you think about standard workplace discipline. What other job could you have where biting someone only results in a short suspension? It raises the question of how you determine how much an employee is worth to you, especially if their actions harm not only their own career but your company’s image as well.

Coming off the pitch, blakeyj shares some insight into the value of trusting your own intuition. It’s great to see some significant thought going into the human aspect of Human Resources and goes a long way to show how important the person behind the processes really is.
Rounding off blogs this month, bryanedwards provides a clear and straightforward breakdown of the S.M.A.R.T. system. If you’ve ever wondered how it can help you when setting objectives, be sure to have a look!
Looking to Any Answers, time seems to be on everyone’s mind this month. Lunch breaks and the law are demystified in tracyhhblue’s question, with some great common sense added in from covuni. In a similar thread, Alison Grey is concerned about how best to address issues regarding forced changes in working hours and clive boorman was on hand to recommend the best course of action. Fingers crossed it opens a channel for communication and leads to a resolution that works for everyone.
Hopefully you’ve been enjoying these roundups. We’re always keen to hear what you think about the site and our content. If you have an idea or some content you’d like to see, get in touch and let us know. For now, fingers crossed for some sunshine over the long weekend!