Find out the implications an office relocation may have for your company and what issues you need to consider before making the decision to move office.

If your company is considering moving office, you will need to weigh up the implications that the office move may have on your business, your staff and ultimately your company’s bottom line. Here are some areas to consider for your company:

Whilst an office move might get you into cheaper and more cost-effective office space, the migration and legal costs do add up, so you will need to plan a Moving Office Budget and decide whether an office move is financially a viable option.

An office move is a major change for staff. A new location, new commute, new environment, different processes and ways of working – all of which can be unsettling for staff.  Make sure you consider your staff needs when deciding whether to move office.

Think about whether an office move will help or hinder the service you offer clients.  You will want your new office location to be accessible and convenient to existing clients, with the potential to attract new and profitable clients too.

The office space you occupy says a lot about your company’s brand; it’s personality and reputation.  You will want your new office space to give the right first impression to visitors and this comes from choosing the right office building and making the right office design choices.

Make sure you consider all key areas relating to your company when making the decision to move office.  The Moving Office Checklist will guide you through the early planning stages – and beyond to ensure that your office move is a profitable and enjoyable experience for your company.