Recognise This! – Employee recognition matters – to employee health, performance and productivity as well as to the bottom line.

There’s lots of research on the importance of recognition and the power of thanks. Long time readers know I’ve written about a good bit of it, whether the research came from academia, industry analysts or vendors. On Compensation Cafe today, I wrote about a new piece of employee recognition research that caught my attention mostly because of who conducted the survey – the American Psychological Association (APA) Center for Organizational Excellence.

Click over for the full post and more on 3 key findings I highlight:

  1. A better recognition experience leads to better business outcomes.
  2. Fair pay matters most, but don’t rely on that too much.
  3. We rely too much on manager recognition.

As I conclude in the original post, it’s a bit obvious why a psychological association would be conducting this research – because whether or not we’re recognised for what we do all day impacts our psychological well-being. And that’s also a bottom-line impact – the health and wellness of our employees.

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