Recognise This! – We spend more time at work than anywhere else (while awake). The space we work in can be a key contributor to engagement, enablement, and productivity.

Does your office have an open office plan? More importantly, does that kind of office workspace drive your desired goals?

Today on Compensation Cafe I wrote about the mostly negative impact of open offices and how they actually detract from stated goals of increased collaboration, discussion and innovation. I shared the story of a friend of mine who works in just such a space, which was brought about through a cost savings measure by her employer (far less square footage allotted for each employee).

Read the post for how the open office impacts Jane’s work experience directly and you’ll see why I wrote:

“Advocates of open offices state the primary benefit is fostering an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration with free-flowing conversations and impromptu meetings that are not possible without walls. The reality is quite different. People are, indeed, less collaborative out of fear of disturbing colleagues. If conference room space is unavailable (which is more common as people seek private meetings space more often now), many even leave the office to find a more private place to meet to discuss projects. Perhaps most concerning, this can mean the local Starbucks is now the venue for private business discussions.”

Google “open office space” and the majority of pro/con articles fall squarely in the con category.

What kind office space do you work in? Are you an advocate for open offices? Why?