Recognise This! — When employee benefits vary by country, benefits pros must ensure employees don’t play the “I wish I had that” game.

I have great admiration for the brilliant people who create and manage global employee benefits programmes. These are quite complex and can vary greatly by country, which creates the need for strong communications around why people in one country perhaps receive benefits that employees in another country do not. This can be even more nuanced than employee recognition (and that’s complex enough as evidenced by these posts on recognition inIndia and China).

Yesterday on Compensation Cafe, I shared an infographic summary from Mercer’s  2014 Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines. The graphic shares some more interesting local employee benefits around the world, like prison pay in Brazil or (as I called it) “please leave” pay in France. Check out the postfor more details, then tell me, what’s the most interesting or exciting employee benefit offered by your organisation?