Recognise This! – “What gets measured gets managed” is true, but determining the correct metrics is the real trick.

We all know metrics matter. The real question is which metrics.

That’s the theme of my latest post on Compensation Cafe, in which I explore the metrics that matter from three points of view – the HR practitioner, the HR industry leader, and the CEO.

The theme emerging from all three is not surprising. As I say in the post:

Whether on an individual, departmental or organizational level, metrics that matter are those that illuminate company success. The challenge lies in clearly defining what the business success metrics are, then translating them into departmental, team and individual goals. The even greater challenge is ensuring every person then understands how he or she contributes to those goals in their daily work. The fastest path to success is constant feedback. Praise when you’re on track and provide course correction when needed.”

Read the full post and tell me, what metrics matter the most to you?

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