Recognise This! – Without ideas, the amount of work invested matters not at all.

Tim Sackett is on my list of “must follow” bloggers. This post gives a good example as to why. On Compensation Cafe yesterday, I riffed on Tim’s post about the importance of ideas over work. I pointed out, we tend to focus in our pay practices far more on the work than on the idea. Even recognition and reward programmes often emphasis the work – the process, the progress made, the contribution, the end result – more than the idea itself. And that’s not good.

Ideas don’t have immediate value to the organisation. It may take months or years for any benefit of an idea to show up in the bottom line. But without the idea, the business stagnates. We need to recognise and reward ideas, too, before we see the benefit to the organisation and often before we know if we’ll ever see a benefit to the organisation. This approach is particularly important if you want to create a culture of innovation.

Read the full post on Compensation Cafe to see more on why “imagination” is a critical core value for Globoforce, and three ways you can make sure you’re recognising and rewarding the ideas as much as the work.