I travel regularly for business and on each trip I am surrounded by hundreds of people. On the plane, in the aiport, at my destination. I love the anonymity, and yet I hate the anonymity. Travel has the ability to bring us close to others while remaining invisible, alone. All those people, yet no one to talk to. Connected yet disconnected.

I write about being 'connected yet disconnected' in my book Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships. With the introduction of technology we have the ability to connect with hundreds, thousands of people. Whether it's connections, friends, likes or tweets. Yet despite being so connected I continue to hear the same story

"I have [insert your own number] facebook friends, but I have no one I can turn to in an emergency."

It's not just social relationships that matter. It's the professional relationships as well. A recent study by the Association of Accounting Technicians of 2,000 employees reported that within the top 10 reasons for staying with a company, relationships appeared three times. Forget "location, location, location", the mantra should be "relationships, relationships, relationships."

Think about it for a moment (especially if you are involved in any sort of employee engagement project), people don't look forward to going into work because of thework, they look forward to going into work because of the people they work with. The relationships they have, the experience of being connected to someone and something.

Cultivating winning relationships is not just a business imperative, it's a personal imperative. You can't deliver your results through your own efforts, at least not in the long term, unless you're willing to risk stress and burnout.

Work is the biggest team sport any of us get to play. It's all about the connections, the relationships, not just to get stuff done, but to have fun, to inspire, create, innovate, to support customers and each other in delivering a powerful experience.

In my experience the successful companies; teams; individuals, those that don't just survive in the longer term, but thrive and grow, do so because they fdon't simply focus on the 'what' of their business. They also spend as much time and effort nurturing the 'how', the organizational culture, interpersonal relationships between individual employees and teams that transform results.

Here are three scenarios that prevent relationships from being formed, or strengthened

Connect, don't disconnect, it could make all the difference, for you and the people you work with.

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