When we’re watched, our behaviour influences the behaviour of others. And, whether she realised it or not, Stacey Soloman’s behaviour throughout her time on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, well and truly won over the British public. 
She mastered and then projected complete authenticity. She has been positive and focussed on the positives in relation to everyone else, stood up for herself when needed and did not appear to compromise her values. 
The positive energy she gave off made her good to be around and have around. All in all she demonstrated the qualities of highly effective personal leadership
What a great lesson for workplace leaders? In the workplace, we all want to follow a leader who lives by their values, displays integrity, a positive outlook, and focuses their thinking on what can be achieved rather than what can’t. Stacey might have been an unlikely candidate for the winning position when the programme started, but her behaviour throughout has had a positive impact. 
Stacey simply followed the patterns that we teach and support in our success training courses – showing how effective they can be. 
Karen Murphy
Muika Leadership
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