We all know about 360-degree feedback, right? It is a useful tool for developing senior leaders. This is true, but 360 offers much more for companies besides. And most importantly, it has a proven impact on key business metrics.

This is something we cover in our latest original HR insight paper Creating a compelling case for 360-degree feedback. The paper will:

·         Demonstrate a clear link between positive 360 ratings and strong commercial performance

·         Show evidence of lower employee turnover and higher customer service in teams where managers are receiving more positive 360 scores

·         Explore of the relationship between manager 360 scores and the level of employee engagement

·         Show how analysis of internal data can highlight a predictive relationship between 360 ratings and business objectives

·         Demonstrate how companies can maximise the effectiveness of 360 and show why it requires a long term commitment to really drive change

360-degree feedback can help companies to meet different business needs including helping to identify future leaders, embedding cultural values and enhancing appraisals. With companies continually searching for a competitive advantage, 360 should be an organisational imperative.

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