According to Real Business, a recent survey revealed that over half of Brits are unhappy in their current jobs. Lack of job satisfaction was cited as the primary reason for the desire to change roles, being deemed more important than pay. Job satisfaction has a huge impact on productivity, motivation and employee turnover, so businesses face many challenges when it comes to keeping staff satisfied and engaged.

If you’re a manager or leader within your organisation, it’s crucial to create a happy, positive working environment for your team. Engaged employees are happier, healthier, more productive and full of creativity, so it’s win-win for everyone. Below are some tips to help:

Inject some fun
Sometimes we all need a break from the seriousness of business and let’s face it, there’s only so many calls you can take in the office or in call centre jobs before you need a well-earned rest or a bit of light-hearted fun. Everyone wants to work for a company that has a good culture and likes to have fun, and this will help with recruitment too. Organise fun activities during work hours, whether it’s bake-offs, quizzes, a ‘bring your pet to work’ day or having a big party after a big project launch; this will help your employees relax, stay connected as a team and motivate them to do a good job. They’re also likely to rave about the business to friends and family which will be great for recruitment.

Show your appreciation
One of the most common complaints is that employees don’t feel appreciated by their employer. Sometimes even just saying thank you can really make someone’s day or sending an email citing positive customer feedback. Engage with your employees on a regular basis and tell them if they’re doing a good job. Do you have an employee reward scheme or any staff incentives? Something that will help them feel recognised? If not, set one up!

Ask them what they want
There’s no better way than motivating your employees than asking them exactly what will motivate them. Carry out a staff survey or send around a feedback form to find out what would help them feel more satisfied. Be open to suggestions; while some may not be feasible, find a way to make others work as best as you can. Your employees will feel valued and in turn their job satisfaction will increase.

Make sure they are comfortable
If your employees are sitting down all day, ensure they are comfortable and fully equipped with the right chairs, desks and computer screens so to avoid neck and back pain. Provide a break-out area and encourage regular breaks so employees can get up, take a walk and get away from their desks. According to The Globe and Mail, British experts are now recommending that office workers stand for at least two hours a day, in a warning against the dangers of prolonged sitting. As an employer, it’s important that you recognise this as it can also help improve employee sickness.